[Evolution] A few niggly bits (questions from a newbie)

Howdy ya'll.  I noticed that .12-ssl is now in the debian unstable tree so I
decided to check it out, and have been using it for a while now.  There have
been a few things (bugs and usability questions) that have been bothering 
me and I was hoping that ya'll here could help me out.

My setup is that I'm sucking via imap from two separate accounts on a server
with imap-ssl and smtp-ssl capabilities through a self-created cert.  Mailing
lists and personal mail is simply coming to the two accounts and I'm using
evolution to filter it.  My Ev version is .12-ssl from the current debian
unstable tree.

 - Vfolders seem to need to be clicked on to activate.  When Ev starts up all
   the vfolders show no new messages, and the main mailboxes show new
   messages.  As each vfolder is clicked on it "registers" the new messages
   that should be in it, and it's new message count increases, and the count
   in the 'unmatched' folder decreases (assuming I click on unmatched first).

   I'd like to have this all automatic, so I don't have to go through this
   procedure every time.
 - On one of my vfolders (gnome-2-list) it just pops "opening folder vfolder
   gnome-2-0(...)" in the toolbar, and it sits there, not showing anything 
   in the folder.  This remains until Ev exits.

 - Thinking the above problem might have to do with a bad vfolder, I tried to
   delete it.  After hitting 'yes' the focus jumped from the folder I was trying 
   to delete back up to the local folders, but the actual folder remained.

 - As I said earlier I use self signed certs on my server so that I can use
   SSL.  This works fine in NS/OE (with the extra step of confirming that I
   want to trust this cert) but there is some strange behaviour in evolution.
   Upon first connecting to the server, I get the message: 

   'Error while "Scanning folders in "IMAPv4 server ufies.org": Could not connect 
   to ufies.org (port 993): Success'

   After hitting ok it continues to connect properly.

   The other problem is not a bug so much as a usability thing.  When
   connecting to the SSL server I get a "bad certificate from ufies.org [info]
   do you wish to accept anyway" message (twice for each server by the way).
   This happens *every* time.  It'd be a lot better to have a "always allow
   this certificate" option.

   When sending mail via SSL I get the message:

   Error while 'Sending "test message"':
   Could not connect to ufie.sorg (port 465): Connection refused

   I've confirmed that the smtp-ssl is working via netscape, so I'm not really
   sure what's going on here.

 - Sometimes when clicking through vfolders (to get them to show the right
   number of messages) and clicking on the "bad" folders mentioned above, the
   toolbar will get "opening folder vfolder gnome-2-0(...)" messages, that don't 
   go away.  Right-clicking on them and choosing 'cancel' does nothing, and
   right clicking and choosing details results in a crash.  Sometimes the
   toolbar will get several (ie: 5 or 10) messages saying "synchronising..."
   and messages aren't displayed in the preview pane from this point onward.
   This appears to be linked to a folder refresh(?).

 - There seem to be some issue usability issues when composing message.  When
   you click compose there is no focus.  Click on "to" and the tab order goes
   as follows: to->from->to->cc->subject->nowhere->to->cc, etc.

   It makes more sense to me for the order to go from to->cc->subject->message
   to aid in not having to mouse all over the place.

   Also, no offense but the whole 'focus of textboxes follows mouse' kinda
   sucks, but that's IMHO.  An option to turn that off would be great...

On the other hand, Ev is *great*!  Vfolders rock, it's relatively stable,
minor problems aside, and it's nicely integrated with pgp/gpg (and hopefully
x509 soon! :)

Good job guys!

I'm ccing this to evolution-hackers as some of this is bug report type info.
If needed, I can submit these all (or some) into bugzilla, but I wanted to
throw it to people who have more experience with ev than me in case these were
known/rehashed issues.

Thanks in advance!

Arcterex <arcterex userfriendly org>   -==-   http://arcterex.net
"I used to herd dairy cows. Now I herd lusers. Apart from the isolation, I
think I preferred the cows. They were better conversation, easier to milk, and
if they annoyed me enough, I could shoot them and eat them." -Rodger Donaldson

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