[Evolution] Mail Crash

Has anybody else had any problems with folders with large numbers of
messages?  I have a folder with some 1600+ emails and when trying to
mark the entire contents as read the whole mail module often dies.  If
it does not then it marks the majority of messages as read but leaves an
arbitary amount (27 last time) as unread.

I have also had problems with the mail download.  When I came to
download the 420 email from my pop3 account evolution went through the
motions and downloaded all the mail, but when it had completed, the
send/receive box stayed and I had to press cancel for all the mail to
appear in my inbox and various folders.  I have to filters set up for
this email list and the linux-kernel.

I am running Redhat 7.1 Xamian 0.11.99.



Jake Stride - Web Developer
t: +44 (0)191 240 7009
e: jake stride thecreativecake com
w: www.thecreativecake.com

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