RE: [Evolution] Red Carpet isn't working for me

Thanks for all of the suggestions,

However, I just have a red carpet icon.  There does not seem to be a
drop down menu anywhere for this piece of software.  Also I type
red-carpet in a terminal window and nothing happens, it just drops down
to the next line.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  Please
let me know, thanks

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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Hello Mr Hudson.

you may have some bad xml info cached.

We discovered the cause of this bug. There were a few missing back
slashes in
the channels.xml file on our server. We are not sure how this happened.
If you go to the Red Carpet Settings drop down menu and choose
Preferences the default tab will be Mirror. On the Mirror there is a
Refresh button you should click. Then hit the OK button. You should be
back at Red Carpet's main page now. Click the View dropdown menu and
click Refresh. Your subscribed channels should again be available.

Please do let us know the result.



On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 02:03:17PM -0700, Rory D. Hudson wrote:
Hello there everybody,

I am desperately in need of some help, I am trying to install the
version of Evolution.  I would really like to be able to do this
Red Carpet, but whenever I click on the program nothing happens,
at all.  Can anybody please help give me some instruction on how to
solve this?

Next, I am trying to find db but am having no luck, any
suggestions?  Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thanks

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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