Re: [Evolution] Slightly off topic

On 30 Apr 2001 12:11:23 +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:

all RC stuff is under /var/cache/redcarpet, downloaded packages are under
/var/cahce/redcarpet/packages (which you can symlink to a dir somewhere you
have disk space)

Thanks for this Xav and others but as usual, I never manage to give
people all the details (sigh)
I have these dirs symlinked already, they are not the problem.  Once the
download is complete and packages are verified, the install starts and
_something_ is written somewhere in / possibly a logfile?  It is this
file that is giving me the problem.  I have /var on another partition
outside of /
Any ideas.. sorry to keep the thread off topic.


 Ian Maude G0VGS Morecambe Lancs UK | ianmaude btinternet com
 Sysop of GB7MBC, the Morecambe Bay Cluster
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