Re: [Evolution] gtkthml still locks up

can do?  I tried grabbing an older version of gtkhtml
from CVS, but reverting it didn't make any difference (I
assume because of the changes to ORBit?).

Larry's change wasn't for the crash-on-return, it was for a different crash.

You absolutely need the bugfixed ORBit to be able to run the current gtkhtml.

Today I updated to the latest orbit-stable-0-5, gal, gtkhtml,
evolution-0-10, gnome-vfs, oaf, and gconf, and the problem still
exists.  Does that mean that it's a known bug (should I enter
a bug report?), or is there still something wrong with my

It's a little frustrating, because I've tried reverting
to the last released gtkhtml and ORBit, and cvs from various
dates in between, and nothing fixes the problem.  I haven't
been able to compose mail for about 5 days now.


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