Re: [Evolution] Dep Error during install

Me not. :-)

My Nautilus wouldn't install, because of the ORBit problem - I had 0.5.6,
and RC didn't want to force an update to 0.5.7 (said my 0.5.6 was newer than
the 0.5.7; goodness knows why, unless there was a bug in building one of
those 2 packages).

Anyway, I manually downloaded the new ORBit; forced the install; and then RC
was able to install Nautilus.

So far, don't see what all the fuss is about; Nautilus seems really slow to
me. But maybe I'll just have to give it time.

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Me three.

Xavier Bestel wrote:

Le 2001.04.27 10:12:20 +0200, Florin Andrei a écrit :
On 26 Apr 2001 13:46:52 -0400, Devon Harding - GTHLA wrote:
When I run the go-gnome script, I get freetype2 dep error.

Package nautilis-...has a conflict (freetype2 cannot be installed)
Package freetype2-...has a conflict (freetype2 cannot be installed)

I have exactly the same problem.

"me too" (c)


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