Re: [Evolution] URL parse error and compose options greyed out in evolution-0.10-100_helix_200104260701

On 27 Apr 2001 02:50:40 +0100, mark wrote:
i just downloaded the latest evo (evolution-0.10-100_helix_200104260701) from 
redcarpet that was supplied with the ximian 1.4, and its still got the 
'URL parsing' error when tryin to send and also the tabs on editing a mail 
for 'bold/ text alignment, fonts ' etc' are still greyed out.

I had URL parsing errors on saving a draft and sending a letter. They
both were caused by not having a "sent" and "draft" folder set. Evo now
enables to have those folders set individually for every account, but I
guess it was not set to anything by default when updating from a
previously set up account. Setting draft and sent folder manually for
every account saved the day for me (tools>mail settings>edit>special

hope it helps


    Jakub Steiner - GFX wizard - Ximian Inc. - jimmac ximian com :

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