Re: [Evolution] URL parse error and compose options greyed out in evolution-0.10-100_helix_200104260701

On 27 Apr 2001 02:50:40 +0100, mark wrote:
i just downloaded the latest evo (evolution-0.10-100_helix_200104260701) from 
redcarpet that was supplied with the ximian 1.4, and its still got the 
'URL parsing' error when tryin to send and also the tabs on editing a mail 
for 'bold/ text alignment, fonts ' etc' are still greyed out.


The greyed out options are greyed out because you are in plain text
mode.  If you want those options to be available you need to edit in
html mode.  The editor no longer offers options that won't change the
plain text output when you are editing in plain text mode.  To change
the option simply select the menu item Format->html.  Changing that will
send that message as html.  Or you can choose to always send html mail
by default by Choosing the "Send mail in HTML format by default" option
in the Account editors "Other" notebook tab.  


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