What is a VFolder? (Re: [Evolution] help - Ive just deleted all my mail for some strange reason?)

On 20 Apr 2001 21:41:35 +0100, mark wrote:
sorry but am i correct in thinking that the VFolders are basically
virtual folder for that particular evolution session open, and when you
close evolution, anything in them are moved to the correct folders.
Just been playing around and discovered this, so my appologies for
posting something before i actually tried to find the sollution.

VFolders are search queries. They're not folders, and nothing gets moved
into them, because they're, by definition, 'virtual'.

Like NotZed said before, VFolders provide a 'representation of your
existing mail with a matching critiria applied.' It's meant as a
mechanism for quickly finding a certain critiria of e-mail, without
doing explicit filtering.

[ I wrote a whole bunch here, but Aaron did a much better job than I did
in the User guide, so I'm gonna quote it here now) ]

    Getting Really Organized with Virtual Folders

    If filters aren't flexible enough for you, or you find
    yourself performing the same search again and again, consider
    a virtual folder. Virtual folders, or vFolders, are an advanced way
    of viewing your email messages within Evolution. If you get a lot of
    mail or often forget where you put messages, virtual folders can
    help you stay on top of things.

    A virtual folder is really a hybrid of all the other organizational
    tools: it looks like a folder, it acts like a search, and you set it
    up like a filter.  In other words, while a conventional folder
    actually contains messages, a virtual folder is a view of messages
    that may be in several different folders.  The messages it contains
    are determined on the fly using a set of
    criteria you choose in advance.

    As messages that meet the virtual folder criteria arrive or are
    deleted, Evolution will automatically place them in and remove them
    from the virtual folder contents list.  When you delete a message,
    it gets erased from the folder in which it actually exists, as well
    as any virtual folders which display it.

The User Guide is actually really well written. You really should check
it out if you have any more questions.

Duncan Mak
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