[Evolution] conversion from BBDB and couple of questions


I need to convert my BBDB database (~5K records) into evolution
contacts. I would appreciate any pointers to a utility/script if any of
you have written one. 

The reminders for appointments are not working for me. I just want to
make sure it is not yet implemented as opposed to not working *just* for
me... The help documents are not included in the redcarpet

While at it, here are some simple features I can live without but they
are nice: in the criterion selection can we have "sender-or-recipients".
It is a very handy short cut. Another feature that I miss is resending
an email (i.e. resent-to header). It is useful while managing majordomo
mailing lists...

I am enjoying evolution a lot (switched to it from Xemacs/VM/BBDB
combo). Thanks guys.


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