Re: [Evolution] 4.17 snapshot, can't compose

they stopped supporting helix-update when they released beta red carpet.
*bex not a happy camper
so for me this is hell.  im not allowed to install red carpet until it
is stable so i no longer can update my ximian gnome.
*bex wonders which monkeys she should whine at

On 19 Apr 2001 11:00:53 +0200, Cosimo Vagarini wrote:
Su 19 Apr 2001 10:43:11 +0200, Xavier Bestel ha scritto:

Le 2001.04.19 09:36:10 +0200, Cosimo Vagarini a écrit :
Su 18 Apr 2001 22:38:53 -0400, Ettore Perazzoli ha scritto:
  JP has been working on fixing the snapshot builds...  The current
snapshots *should* be working. 

It works. :)

I can't see the snapshots with helix-update ? I must reinstall redcarpet ?

I'm using apt-get and not redcarpet.
I can't help you, sorry.


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