[Evolution] RH7.0-7.1 upgrade

Please accept my apologies in advance for a poor bug report, but I
thought that you'd like to hear about this.

Executive summary:
The upshot of this is that after upgrading a 7.0 system running
XimianGnome to 7.1, gnome-terminal and samba were broken.

I am in the process of building a new system for my wife.  I had just
finished a custom install RH7.0 (workstation not using the full disk,
and adding apache, ldap, ssh, etc) followed by a normal installation of
gnome, evo, and red-carpet. 

The next morning RH announced the full release of 7.1.

SO, I downloaded 7.1, burned CDs, and ran the 7.1 upgrade process.
(FWIW, I booted off the floppy, and downloaded the upgrade via ftp from
another machine at my house.)

Here's the point.  After the upgrade completed:
gnome-terminal would not run (something was undefined in a library) 
Samba would not run because it couldn't find a library, either.

I apologise again for not being more specific, but this is all I
remember. I was afraid of what else might be broken, and I just didn't
want to work that hard to figure out what all was broken.

I did a fresh install of RH7.1 on that machine (it's a NEW machine,
after all) and both gnome-terminal and samba are now working.

Of course, this means that:
I can't use RC :( 
I cant use RC to update evo anymore :(
I wasn't able to get galeon running last night, either. :( 

I'm looking forward to seeing support for RH7.1 from all of these fine
products. :-)

Tom Cooper
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