Re: [Evolution] Pilot/Visor syncing

On 17 Apr 2001 14:10:42 -0600, Robert Goshko wrote:
Now I though I read somewhere that I could sync the Evolution calander
with a Plam device.  Can this be done, I've surfed around and managed to
get pilot-link and j-pilot working.

Note: I currently have Evolution 0.9 installed.

You will probably need to recompile, and enable Visor support. These
configure switches ought to do it for ya:

    --enable-pilot-conduits=yes --with-pisock

You'll also need a current version of gnome-pilot, and probably would
want to either get a current CVS version of gnome-pim, or just uninstall
it altogether.

I've heard rumors that the current snapshots have pilot conduits
enabled/distributed by default (although the RPM spec file doesn't
reflect this...)

Matthew Vanecek
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