Re: [Evolution] Two problems

On 17 Apr 2001 10:58:57 +0200, Cosimo Vagarini wrote:
A) evolution depends on libgal6 which has never appeared. From libgal5 we are
   now at libgal7. This is, obviously, a minor problem because --force-depends,
   lets you install evolution, but I think, it should be fixed.

B) Once again I cannot compose new mail. Any time I try I get a crash on:
   "gnome-gtkhtml-editor". I don't' think it's a dependencies problems because
   I've installed any of the available package.

  I think the problem is that the snapshots are building the newer GAL
from HEAD,and GtkHTML from HEAD doesn't yet work with it.  The composer
probably crashes because of binary incompatibility between libgal7 and
libgal6 (which is what we should ship).

  The next round of snapshots will ship with the right version of GAL
and GtkHTML.

  Sorry for the inconvenience,


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