Re: [Evolution] Can't find libwww

Perhaps this is a related post, but When I try to view an html email, from
some junk mailing list or whatever, then it kills my xfs. I have to exit
out of X(ctrl-alt-f1) and then restart xfs real quick before my X session
dies. Anyone seen this recently?

Austin Gonyou
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On 16 Apr 2001, Michael Bang wrote:

Hi all

I think Evolution is a very good product even though it is a bid hard to
get working, but what is to be expected from a beta ! Keep up the good
work .....

I am a bit new with Linux and Gnome. I'm trying to get Evolution 0.9 to
work and I have succeded, but I would like to use gtkhtml 0.8.3 and that
package happens to use glibwww 0.2 which needs libwww. I can't find the
last one.... can some help ?

Michael Bang

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