Re: [Evolution] change splash screen please

On 11 Apr 2001 12:55:40 -0400, Matthew Keller wrote:
> Just to weigh in on this: I think that fat monkeys are pretty spiffy,
> but I think the "nose shot" is quite artistically done, very
> high-quality, and I - possibly alone - Like it.
> I'm not, however, too picky about a splash screen that 1) isn't even
> there for more than 2 seconds and 2) only seen when I start Evolution,
> which is only when I upgrade builds (and once it's "gold", that'll be
> much more rare). :)
Just a minor point though, Jimmac did this splash, not me.


  Tuomas Kuosmanen - Art Director - Ximian - tigert ximian com -

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