Re: [Evolution] Bonobo config script can't see liboaf?

gnome-config isn't finding the oaf libraries, since it looks in
/usr/lib/* for the config stuff.

So then, is it safe to assume that gnome stuff only cares about its own
config files when installing from source, and that it does not use the
paths defined in at all?

You need to either (only 1 of):
 - setup GNOME_PATH to include /usr/local
 - setup GNOME_LIBCONFIG_PATH to include /usr/local/lib

Can either of these variables contain more that one path? For example, if
I have installed RPMs that put it all in /usr, and installed other stuff
from source that went into /usr/local (since I forgot to define
--prefix=/usr in the config), can I say

Thanks for the help!

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