Re: [Evolution] RH 7.0 Composer Problem

On 6 Apr 2001, TonyK Lindstrom wrote:

I have a different problem:

if I reciev an email, and right click on an email in the address headder
and add to contacts, then at a latter date compose a mail, select this
contact from th to button and press send evo tells me i need to select a
recipiant before sending a mail

I'm seeing this "Need to select a recipient" problem, too. Also see it
sometimes when just choosing from the contacts pick list.
(BTW ... that's what we always used to call it, way back when. If there's a
new term for that, somebody let me know).

Of course, since the list is still invisible and unusable, I  haven't gotten
this message lately. It doesn't show up if you type the address in (or let
auto-complete ... complete it :-)

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