[Evolution] Inserting objects? (2nd post)

I didn't get a response the first time so I thought I would try again.
I ordinarily wouldn't bother because it isn't really important but I'm
really curious about the direction the Evolution PIM is taking.

1st post:
I'm really impressed with version 0.9.  I do have a question though.

I seem to remember a menu item in 0.8 somewhere that was labeled
"Insert Object (What is this?)".  At the time, I assumed that what
this was going to be was a way to associate appointments and todos in
the calendar with files, E-mails, other appointments/todos,
etc... (i.e. "objects").

The advantage is that all of your work becomes task based.  If I want
to complete a todo or get ready for an appointment, I click on its
todo/appt item and all of the associated files are listed.  All you
have to do is click to access them with mime type-associated programs
and start working.

StarOffice in particular does a nice job of handling this.
Unfortunately, OpenOffice.org has apparently scrapped the PIM and file
manager from StarOffice so I'm not sure what's going to happen there.

Anyway, I noticed that this "Insert Object" menu item has disappeared
in 0.9.  I wondered:

1) Is it what I thought it was?
2) If not, what was it?
3) Is 1.0 going to have a way to associate tasks and appointments with
other objects as described above?
4)  If not, is there a plan to do this?
5)  If not, will there ever be a plan to do this?


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