Re: [Evolution] Red carpet folds up and dies -- where are the packages?

On 03 Apr 2001 11:23:59 -0300, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini wrote:
Em 03 Apr 2001 09:48:55 -0400, Michael Rothwell escreveu:
Red carpet has started disappearing during the "install" phase. 

Also check disk space. I have /var on it's own partition, and Red Carpet
doesn't appear to check for amount of free disk space before it starts
to install. After I manually cleared out old snapshot files from
/var/cache/red-carpet, red carpet started working again.

Be aware that some of these files (specifically, in the RedHat 6
directories, are not updated every day (such as the Control-center
stuff), and if you manually FTP and install using "rpm -Uvh *.rpm", it
will tell you that those files are already installed.

IOW, only take the files that have the current datestamp. No need to
download files that haven't changed.

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