Re: [Evolution] April Fools Snapshot Release

Sejal Patel wrote:

On 03 Apr 2001 20:01:30 +1200, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:

Ha Ha, April Fool, Now Your Task don't Work ;o)

Yeah, I guess I should have known better than to down load any file
dated 1st april.

System is RH7, Calendar and Task Views Die when trying to add new task.

On the positive though, it no longer falls over when trying to mark 300+
mails as read in a vfolder...

While on the topic of Tasks, is there any plans for being able to reads
and enter in tasks sent to you by an outlook use like there is for
calendar apointments.  I absolutely love the way you guys took care of
the outlook calendar stuff and was wondering if any design has taken
place for doing the same with outlook tasks.

I don't think it will be in 1.0, but will probably be added at some


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