[Evolution] Comments about 2001.

Hi everyone!

I just installed the latest snapshot (Debian/woody) and I am very happy!

Most of the annoying bugs which has been in the last snapshots seem to
be fixed, and I haven't found any new ones (yet). The IMAP support seem
better than ever to my delight :) 

The only slightly annoying thing left is that the contacts are read only
again, I believe it was working some snapshots ago, but now they are
grayed out..  Or is there an option I have missed? 

 Mikael Wahlberg,  M.Sc.                 E-mail: Mikael Wahlberg engohol se
 Software Engineer/                      GSM:    +46 (0)733 279 274
 Systems Specialist
 Engström & Holgersson datakonsulter AB

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