Re: [Evolution] A few notes about the user interface

I completely agree with George here.  Maybe the RFC specifies
that forwarding messages as attachments is "correct", but when
I forward a message I usually want to make comments to it, so
forwarding inline is much more efficient.  In many cases I think
that forwarding as an attachment is completely stupid.

If Evolution insists on being "correct", please at least offer
the option.  Isn't one of the big end goals ease-of-use???  Being
able to forward inline by default would make it easier to use than
forcing me to go poke around in the menus to do it.


i think he meant it's correct from an RFC point of view.


Le 2001.04.02 18:10:48 +0200, George Farris a écrit :
Sigh, when will people learn that there is NO correct way to these types
of things.  The "correct" way for me is to have the forward inline
because thats the way I use it 99.9% of the time.  Why? because I'm
generally commenting about lines of text in the forward and I need to
read it too.

Settings->Composer->Default.fwd.behaviour=(inline, attachment)

Now everyone could be happy.

Assuming how someone else's mind works is a crap shoot.

This has been debated at length, months ago.  Forwarding as an
attachemnt is the correct way, and why it is the default behaviour, and
will not change.

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