RE: [Evolution] Build +cvs.2001.

 had the same probelm, my inbox had X # of messages and evo only showed me
one, but.... If I deleted that one the rest showed up..... weirdness, seems
to be fixed as of this mornings update. 

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Subject: [Evolution] Build +cvs.2001.

Hello all,

I have installed build 2001. via redcarpet this morning.  I
have notice the following:

IMAP: if I try to access a folder other than the inbox, I get a message
that states "IMAP server did not contain LIST information." This used to
be a known problem many many builds ago, but until now has not been a

IMAP: my inbox on the server has 5 messages, but in Evo only one shows
up.  Even using the "Show All" does no good. It also shows I have 1 new
message, but if I do I can't see it to get to it.

That is all.

Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,


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