[Evolution] Sync with Palm Pilot, or import from file...

First, do we have an idea when Pilot syncing direct from Evo will be avail
in the snapshots via RedCarpet?

Second, when doing an import from a file like a .gcrd, the phone numbers
of the contacts do not show up unless they are "Primary". Variables like
"Business" phone numbers do not show up even though they are in the .gcrd
file we import. Any thoughts on this? If needed I can send the .gcrd file
for closer inspection.

Thanks, and keep it up. This will become the "Outlook" for Gnome, I am
sure of it. One step closer to computing freedom :-)

Tim Grossner
Field Operations Manager        CCNA, MCP, A+
Southwestern Bell Datacom
voice - 217-522-7564
pager - 217-467-3148
cell - 217-971-3060
data - tg cityscape net

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