[Evolution] Restating the problem (Re: Request for feature: Message selection)

OK, Evolution has a 'Delete all' feature. Silly me. It's rather
inflexible though, like if someone needs to delete all BUT some
messages. 'Inverse selection' and 'Undelete selected' would be nice.

I use Evolution to sift through mailing lists (with the 'view as thread'
feature it beats the hell out of waiting for pages to load from the mail
archives), and thus oftentimes deal with messages in bulk. As such, this
particular group of unimplemented features in Evolution sticks up like a
sore thumb: message selection commands, especially 'Select all'.

Would be nice to search for, say, [MListA], 'Select all' and then be
able to delete and expunge. That Evolution scales nicely to handle high
volumes of messages, of course, allows me to fret about this in the
first place.. thanks all the developers out there.


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