Re: [Evolution] special character problem...

gtkhtml should support this sort of composing fine when XIM is support
is turned on unfortunately gtkthml-0.7 has XIM turned off and has no
easy way to turn it on, you must define GTKHTML_USE_XIM by hand and
rebuild gtkthml.  This problem has been fixed in CVS and gtkhtml-0.8
will have support turned on when it is released.  I'm sorry for the



My keyboard is already configured correctly in all other X programs...
except Evolution.  I can get things like "a grave" and other things like
that with two keys (one after the other... not at the same time
like  <AltGr + something>).

so... what you are telling me to do is create other key combinations to
go over Evolution+ gtkhtml problems?

... I wish there is an easier/faster solution ...

by the way... there is also a problem with num pad in Evolution... it
does not work at all... but it works fine in other programs

You can bypass evolution/gtkhtml by setting up a new keyboard layout in
XF86Config. All you'll have to do is follow instructions in the XFree section
in the French HOWTO.

You'll get those special characters as a key combination (AltGr + something)

Hope this helps.

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