Re: [Evolution] mail component dies on "Get Mail" (version 0.6)

Can you get us a backtrace from gdb?

in 1 xterm, `gdb evolution-mail`
and then type 'run' at the gdb prompt

then, after a few seconds start up evolution in another xterm, do what you
did to make Evo crash.

In the xterm running gdb, type 'bt' and send us the output.



On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, Mark Phillips wrote:

I've just installed version 0.6 of evolution and initially it was
working okay, but now when I try to click on "Get Mail" it comes up
with the error box:

Ooops!  The view for 'evolution:/local/Inbox' has died unexpectedly. :-(
This probably means that the mail component has crashed.

There are a number of candidates for why the crash occured:

1. I have lots of filters set up.

2. I have made some folders within folders and have told the filters
to send stuff there.  It seems like Evolution is not entirely
comfortable with dealing with folders within folders yet.

3. I expunged everything from my Inbox --- perhaps this stuffed things
up?  I had problems with expunging on an earlier version of Evolution.

Well, they're the thoughts I had.  Any ideas?



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