[Evolution] Evolution 0.6 "Procompsognathus" is out

Hello lovers of beautifully named groupware suites,

the happy monkeys at Helix Code have made it again: Evolution 0.6,
code name "Procompsognathus", is out.

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.

* Availability

        You can get the Evolution 0.6 tarball here:


        Evolution also requires Gal (0.2.1), GtkHTML (0.7), Bonobo
        (0.24), OAF (0.6), GNOME VFS (0.3), libunicode (0.4.gnome),
        GNOME Print (0.24) and ORBit (0.5.3).


        Notice that Bonobo releases past 0.23 won't work with

        Helix GNOME users can also install the packages by the usual
        means, by using Helix Update (or apt-get on Debian).

* Changes since version 0.5.1


          - Split out lots of functionality to Gal.  Evolution now
            depends on Gal.  (Chris Lahey, Gal Team)

          - Updated to use the new toolbar and UI merging code from
            Bonobo.  (Michael Meeks, Ettore)


          - Added a cute splash screen.  (Ettore, TigerT)

          - Improved the way `~/evolution' is initialized the first
            time.  (Iain)

          - Fixed the problem with the folder bar disappearing too son
            when clicking on the scrollbar.  (Ettore)


          - Numerous i18n encoding, decoding, and display fixes.
            Non-ASCII text should be displayed correctly in most
            context in the mailer now.  The composer no longer sends
            undeclared 8bit data.  (Jeff)

          - The IMAP provider now caches summary info between
            sessions, so startup should be much faster for large
            folders.  (Dan)

          - Subscribe/unsubscribe UI for newsgroups. (IMAP
            subscriptions will be supported in a later release.) NNTP
            authentication support.  Various other NNTP fixes.  (Chris

          - New "full search" button to do more complicated searches.
            (Michael Zucchi)

          - Composer attachment bar improvements. You can now drag
            files to the composer window to attach them to the
            message.  (Iain)

          - Message list state (columns selected, sorting, etc) is now
            saved between sessions.  (Michael Zucchi)

          - "Get Mail" now works for IMAP. IMAP mail no longer arrives
            asynchronously (although if you delete mail from another
            client, it will be deleted asynchronously).  (Dan)

          - Image attachments now use thumbnail images rather than a
            generic image icon.  (Iain)

          - Various IMAP provider bugs.  (Dan, Jeff)

          - Filter code cleanup/improvements.  (Michael Zucchi)

          - Filtering can read and write message scores.  (Jeff)

          - On-demand filters no longer expunge the source folder, and
            don't filter deleted messages.  (Jeff)

          - Filters now log their actions.  (Jeff)

          - Drafts, Outbox, and Sent folders now default to showing
            "To" instead of "From" in the header list. Messages output
            to the Sent folder are marked as "Seen". "Send later" on a
            reply will mark the message as having been replied
            to.  (Jeff)

          - Message list "attachment" column is now functional. The
            read/unread state of a fake thread header now matches the
            state of the thread.  (Michael Zucchi)

          - Message list sorting is more clever.  (Jeff)

          - The "Print" toolbar button now opens a Print dialog rather
            than a Print Preview window. (Miguel)

          - New "Select All" command.  "Mark all messages as seen"
            became "Mark (selected) messages seen".  (Jeff)


          - Improved todo list and calendar view GUI.  (Damon)

          - Printing works again.  (Federico)

          - Config dialog improvement and implementation.  (Damon)

          - Todo and calendar conduits working, except for archiving.
            Please backup your PalmOS device before using this
            feature, as it's still experimental.  (JP)


          - Lots of internal refactoring, including changes due to
            Gal.  (Chris, Chris)

          - Lots of bug fixes.  (Chris, Chris, Matt Bissiri, Iain,

          - Added a working field to save whether the contact wants
            HTML.  (Chris Lahey)

          - Added "Stop" and "View All" toolbar buttons.  (Chris

          - Lots of work on modifiable LDAP.  (Chris Toshok)

          - Recognizes a lot more Prefixes and Suffixes when parsing
            names.  (Nat)

          - The card view doesn't write out cards unless they've
            changed.  (Chris Lahey)

          - New layout of address editor dialog.  (Anna, Chris Lahey)

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