[Evolution] Some bugs in version 0.5.1 calendar

I installed evolution and most of its components myself (which
means it's a possibility that these bugs are just due to my
clumsiness), and here are some problems I've found:

In the calendar, Edit/Preferences/Alarms, nothing is showing up
in the "defaults" box.  In gnomecal, this was where you set up
really neat reminder actions, which I thought were really cool
and I hope it will be completely restored.

In the calendar, Edit/Preferences/"Time display", changing the
day range has no effect on the shading or display of the daily

In the calendar, Edit/Preferences/"Weeks start on", selecting
Sunday has no effect.  Weeks always start on Monday regardless.

In the calendar, Edit/Preferences/"To Do List", none of the buttons
seem to have any effect.  I turned on "Due Date", "Time Until Due"
"Priority", but I see none of this information displayed.  I know
that I can drag in colums from the field chooser, but if that's
the way I ought to do it, maybe it the buttons in the preference
dialog should not be there.

In the calendar, dragging Alarms from the field chooser to the
column heading and then clicking on the Alarms heading crashes
the calendar.  (I've sent a bug report via bug-buddy.)

In the calendar, setting up columns using the field chooser
does not mean that the column will be there if I exit and
restart.  This should really be a persistent setting, IMO.

Here are the versions I'm using:
Otherwise, I'm using RedHat-6.2, with Helix updates.

I should not end this without saying what great work has already
been done in evolution.  I'm looking forward to further progress.

Brian T.N. Gunney
gunneybtn home com

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