[Evolution] IMAP: remembering passwords, folders

Couple IMAP feature requests...

Can Evolution remember passwords for IMAP mail sources?  If not, when will
this be supported?  I see a menu item to "Forget Passwords", so I assume
remembering passwords is implemented somewhere, perhaps in POP (but I
can't/won't use POP).

Also, when will Evolution start remembering the folders available on an IMAP
account?  I like how Outlook [Express] handles it: folders are downloaded
when you first add the account, but in the future, if you add a folder in
another IMAP client, you'll have to click the "IMAP Folders" toolbar button,
which brings up the "Show/Add IMAP Folders" dialog, which looks just like
their newsgroup subscription dialog.

I'm running Evolution from CVS.

Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz bradfitz com

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