Re: [Evolution] SMTP -> "RCPT TO response error: Illegal seek:"

Oh, I agree 100% :-)
I tried looking into this a week or 2 ago but wasn't able to come up
with a solution...


On 20 Nov 2000 15:33:08 -0500, Dan Winship wrote:
I believe I fixed this a few weeks ago. If you're still experiencing the
problem then you're entering the address wrong. For example:

Doe, John <john doe com>

That's an illegal address, the correct way to enter this would be:

"Doe, John" <john doe com>

FYI, there's a bug in our bugzilla pointing out that we need to make
this easier for the user. (You should not need to read RFC 822 in
order to enter addresses into the composer. :-)

-- Dan

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