Re: [Evolution] Calendering VFolders?

Bradley Shuttleworth <brads debating org za> writes:

How difficult an idea would vFolders for calendering be?  By this, I
mean that in email, vfolders are "saved" searches.  Very often I find
that I have several types of events - University Lectures and events,
social, work - and my calender appears to be unbelievably complex.

So, extending the idea of vfolders, how practical would it be to create
classes of events (e.g. each event has a list of categories in which it
falls) and then you can simply click on each class to have only events
in that class appear.

We basically need a searching interface for the calendar.  The
addressbook works very nicely in this way; the default view is
actually the result of a "match all" search.

I will read the newer CAP drafts to see what sort of searching
semantics there are for calendars.

Thanks for the suggestion!  VFolders for the calendar would certainly
be a nice thing to have.


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