[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Looking for TODO list

The buglist is located at bugzilla.helixcode.com, you might need to
create an account (I forget) to see the information though - or maybe
that's just for entering bugs...

I'm sure you'd be welcome to work on Evolution to your heart's desire
I think toshok helixcode com is the guy to talk to about LDAP stuff, so
you might try talking to him to see what's going on there.


On 19 Nov 2000 18:55:45 +0000, Frederic Desjarlais wrote:

Hello all,

I've been using Evolution for about 1 week now, and believe that it has
a lot of potential.  I've been a Linux user for a long time, but the
company I work for uses MS Exchange.  I'm looking for a Linux-based MUA
that can interoperate with MS Exchange via IMAP and LDAP, and possibly

I'm looking for a TODO list or a bug list for Evolution so that I can
help in any way that I can.  I'm familiar with CORBA (co-author of CORBA
Programming and Fundamentals (2nd ed), author of DynaORB - a lightweight
CORBA DII client).  I'm also a platform developer for a B2B infrastrure
company and work with many internet protocols such as LDAP and SSL.

I'm still learning GTK+, but I'm more familiar with ORBit, bonobo, and
camel (I'm not really a UI person).

My main interest in Evolution is to make it 'interoperable' with MS
Exchange.  I tried adding my company's LDAP Directory Server (really
just Exchange) to the 'contacts' server list, but I was unable to do an
actual search against it.  If no one is addressing this problem, could I
work on it?

Thank you!

Frederic Desjarlais

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