[Evolution] Crash

Received the following after attemping to update a contact with an
e-mail address. Hit the 'save' & got the crash (segfault).

I'm running Mandrake 7.1, complete Helix Gnome desktop, updated.
Installed Evolution from rpm's downloaded thru the Helix Gnome update
utility -  Preview release 7. At the time of the install I had no
dependency issues. If this means anything to anyone, please advise. Note
- I was running evolution from eterm to monitor messages.

Bonobo-WARNING **: Exception emitting state change to 2 'ContactsPrint'
Bonobo-WARNING **: Exception emitting state change to 2 'ContactDelete'
Component unregistered successfully --

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot unregister component --

Attachment: wfromoz.vcf
Description: Card for Bill Piety

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