[Evolution] Suggestion: Single middle-click = new window

Hi! I *love* what you're doing for Linux! I really like how Evolution is
coming together.

I have a suggestion: It's highly useful behavior in Netscape for the
middle mouse button to open a link in a new window. I like opening Evo
emails in new windows, but that presently requires a double-click. How
about a single click on the middle button opening email in a new window?
(Middle clicks on multiple emails would open multiple windows, of

The same sort of behavior could be well-applied in the Contacts and
Calendar components as well.

I have a related question: It seems to me, IMHO, that the Calendar and
Contacts components aren't yet as well-developed as the email side. Is
that a correct or incorrect perception, and whatever the case may be,
why might it seem that way?


Steve Freitas

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