Re: [Evolution] filter?

Hello Douglas,
Yes it is. If you go to Settings --> Mail Filters, you can set up filter
rules there. The default is to filter incoming email, and from there you
can Add rules with the add button. It can be a bit confusing though at
first. If you want to filter mailing lists for instance, you want the
filter to be: "if all criteria met Recipients contains
evolution helixcode com" for example. To filter mail from someone, then
it would be: "if all criteria met Sender contains <email address>". Then
to have Evolution move the mail to a folder, the "Then" arguement should
be "Copy to Folder Evolution" for example. When you push the Folder
button, you have an option to create a new one. The next time you check
mail, all new mail that falls under those rules will automatically be
moved to those folders.

Good Luck,
Garrett Mickelson

Garrett Mickelson
Linux Systems Engineer
Penguin Computing
garrett penguincomputing com

    Is it possible to filter mail after it has been received?

That was not my question. My question was after I have set up my filters. How do you filter mail already in 
your inbox?

Douglas F. Elznic
<dfelznic @>

Ralph Nader

Al Gore

George Bush

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