RE: [Evolution] Features

The server is what usually does the tracking.  Exchange does this tracking
anyway, it is up to the client to turn it on.  

I've seen some mailing programs not have the ability to turn this feature
on.  But if it is possible, I always do.  It helps protect my back.

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I think what is meant here is the feature that some packages offer that let
you know when a message has been received and when it has been read. But the
tracking is unreliable. If someone sends me a message with a
read-confirmation request attached, they never get the confirm. 

AFAIK the confirm works by the recipients package sending a short mail to
the senders basically saying 'Yup. They read your mail at XXXXX'. I don't
think pine has this ability, so I don't tracked :-)

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On Thu, 18 May 2000, NotZed wrote:

What exactly is that?

I was wondering if anyone knew if they were going to use tracking for
emails.  I love the tracking features (instead of getting cut down at
knees when I know I'm right), and was wondering if and how Evolution was
going to handle that?  Any takers.

I need to get rid of this OUTLOOK client

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