Re: [HC Evolution] SMS

I think that the different ways of sending SMS should be implemented as
different transports. 

For example, to send SMS via a modem dial-up connection, we should have
one transport, for a http-sms-gateway we should have another transport,
for SMS via custom GSM-hardware we should have another transport, for
sending using a cable to your GSM-phone we should have another one, and
so on.

There might also be of interest with a sms-provider, which can poll for
sms-messages from for example a phone, or maybe use some sort of other
modem dial-up connection to poll for messages.

Another thing that might be worth thinking about regarding this, is that
SMS messages can only be 160 characters long... So when you compose a
SMS-message, there should be some limit to how long the message can be.



Fernando Madruga wrote:

I don't think that should be much of an issue... After all, it can always be
added at a later time, and most good mobile operators do allow email to be
sent to mobile phones as in 123456789 sms operator com or something like

  Fernando Madruga

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is a screenshot of Magellan, and on the sidebar it has a "Send SMS
option. Speaking to Dan Winship about this, he told me to email this list
to ask
that the Evolution mailer backend thing be generic enough to send SMSs.

I do not know how to send SMS messages at all.  But I looked at
Magellan's code for it, and it was empty.  It is just an icon



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