[HC Evolution] evolution(ary) focus

I've read through the various introductions from people on this
list and some of the documentation on helixcode and have been
very impressed by the diverse backgrounds of the people involved
and the diverse needs that Evolution wants to satisfy.

For myself I was rather surprised at my reaction to Evolution.
I'm an ISP system administrator, generally far more concerned
with server side stuff than clients but when I read about
Evolution I got all tingly and thought, "ooo, there's something I
want to be involved in." I'm not quite sure why, I think it's the
strong devotion to a pluggable modular architecture.

One thing, though, that has me concerned and has my attention is
the amount of attention (both on the list and in the helixcode
pages) Microsoft (especially Outlook) gets.

I agree that in order for Evolution or any other "groupware"
client to gain acceptance it needs to operate in the segment as
clients like Outlook, and even talk to servers like Exchange.
However I hope that can remain a secondary goal. Having dominance
in a marketplace does not in any way indicate that a product is
the best. 

I hope that Evolution can focus primarily on the excellent core
architecture as well as compliance with open standards like IMAP
and its associates.

And then as a secondary focus integration with other types of
mail stores.

And somewhere in there I think it would be very cool to mess
around with different interface options. Mail client applications
have looked the same for a long time. Is that because the
interface makes sense or because we haven't thought up a better
one just yet?

Just thought I would throw that out there.

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