[Evolution] evolution dependencies (goodbye to goad!)

People who are compiling Evolution:

Yesterday, Radek committed the new GtkHTML editor options capplet (for
setting systemwide GtkHTML options such as what set of editor
keybindings to use). This uses GConf. So now GtkHTML (and thus,
Evolution) depends on GConf. (Evolution itself will start using GConf
real soon now too.)

GConf in turn depends on OAF. So anyone who was still using GOAD will
need to switch to OAF now.

Note that the current OAF from CVS requires a newer-than-0.5.1 ORBit
in order to build without errors. See the instructions in the
Evolution README about how to get the required ORBit version from CVS
if you don't have it. (I'm also going to poke the Helix GNOME distro
people to get the relevant patches into Helix GNOME's ORBit until
there's another actual ORBit release, but that may take a little

oaf 0.3 (available as a tarball) works fine with ORBit 0.5.1.

-- Dan

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