[Evolution] Status Report on IMAP

Okay, well the basic functionality for IMAP is now there and has been added
to the build, HOWEVER - it's not really all that useable

It will basically allow you to login but that's all it'll do (it may even
segfault after the login due to the Summary code not being finished)

Dan may have me remove it from the build (and I don't disagree with that


* Implement the CamelImapSummary: I'm not 100% sure what this involves as I
have little knowledge of CamelSummary. Hopefully, if all goes well - I
should have it coded in a week (?)

* Fix the necessary parts of Camel (CamelFolder?) to allow
folder->full_name to not have to begin with the directory separator
currently I just strip the leading '/' (this is probably not the best idea)
Also, if I am understanding the IMAP RFC correctly, a directory separator
can be more than 1 char, thus CamelFolder needs to be modified to allow a
string (char*) as a directory separator (which it currently does not).

* Last on my list (and I'll probably think of more later) is rewriting
get_msg_by_uid() "correctly". By that, I mean it should not fetch the
entire message all at once, rather it should only get the part the user is
requesting (and add to the previously cached CamelMedium)

Okay, now that you all know not to complain when you try to use IMAP and
find it doesn't work the way you expected, I'll be heading home to get some
badly needed sleep :-)


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