RE: RE: [Evolution] email notification wish list

I'm generally just throwing out ideas and hoping a few of them are
considered useful enough to stick <g>.  I figure that for the ultrabusy this
would be another nice timesaver, and useful for the less busy too.  If
someone picks it up, that'll be cool, if not - I'll try and get around to
'using the source' and add this and other ideas on my own ("In the year
2525, if man is still alive...")  Whether or not this is already in the
works, to the best of my knowledge, no - but the helixcoders would probably
know for certain one way or the other...

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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Well, that would mean downloading the whole message sometimes ... but it
would be pretty. Is it planed ?


On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, "Tom Musgrove" wrote:

Yep, that would accomplish the goal I was thinking of.
Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

Do you mean, "make all new mails in this vFolder notify me" ?


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