Re: [Evolution] bad chars ?

I have a problem with french accentuated mails I reveive from a mailing
list in Evolution: instead of a single lower case letter with an accent
(e+'), I receive several upper case accentuated "A". The same mails in
Spruce are received correctly.

The problem is that the mailer converts all mail into UTF-8 (an
encoding of Unicode, which can represent characters in basically any
language), but GtkHTML (and ETable) currently only support ISO-8859-1
("characters found in western European languages"), so they
misinterpret the UTF-8 sequences as incorrect ISO-8859-1 characters as
you describe. This will be fixed to some degree in the next snapshot.
(If nothing else, we'll probably make ISO-8859-1 work correctly and
other encodings lose, rather than having them all lose. We may get
everything working--that will require stealing some font-related code
from Pango/Gtk 1.4.)

-- Dan

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