Re: [Evolution] List view of messages?

Hmmm, I had this problem before. Seemed there was a quirk in my libxml (I think)
that caused some strange problems.

ETable *
e_table_construct (ETable *e_table, ETableHeader *full_header,
                   ETableModel *etm, const char *spec)
   xmlDoc *xmlSpec;
   char *copy;
   copy = g_strdup (spec);

   xmlSpec = xmlParseMemory (copy, strlen(copy));
   e_table = et_real_construct (e_table, full_header, etm, xmlSpec);
   xmlFreeDoc (xmlSpec);
   g_free (copy);

   return e_table;

In this, spec was something like <etable><blah></etable>, and so was copy.
But xmlParseMemory was cutting copy to <etable><blah></etabl
and so was causing an error as it wasn't valid XML, xmlSpec was NULL, and the 
table never got built.

I couldn't find out what the problem was, but strlen(copy)+2 seemed to get it

I just assumed it was another problem with my weird libxml, so I never reported


What exactly do you mean?

There is a list of messages above the message itself.

Has list view of messages in a folder not been implemented yet, or am
I just to thick to find it?

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