Re: [Evolution] MS Rich Text support?

TNEF is not merely an encoding, it's a serialization of a complete MAPI
object, including OLE controls, and as such, you're not gonna ever be
able to generate them.  

Yeah, I read up on it some more after responding.

However, from some things on, such as:

[oh hey, that's even one of the ones you mentioned], it seems that
TNEF may be the key to being able to parse meeting requests and some
other "special Outlook data that require TNEF rather than regular file
attachments" [sic].

At any rate, if we want to be able to "interoperate with" (read:
"infiltrate") Outlook/Exchange sites, we need to play the TNEF game
at least a little.

Microsoft's own developer doc says "use MIME instead of TNEF if the
recipient supports it":

No, it says "use MIME instead of uuencoding (to encapsulate the TNEF
data) if the recipient supports it".

Also note -- if you see a message that contains a text part as well as a
TNEF part, chances are the TNEF part doesn't actually contain any
content you care about.  It's just extra cruft tacked on the end.

Yeah, I was planning on making the formatter only pick the TNEF
version if there wasn't a plain or HTML version. (Someone here got a
message the other day with a single TNEF part and no readable

-- Dan

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