Re: [Evolution] evolution 0.1 not compiling

    Mayly> I  ran into  two things:  compiling packages  in  the order
    Mayly> required,  everything   went  fine  up   to  gtkhtml  0.4..
    Mayly> -gtkhtml  0.4:   I  get  a  series  of   error  related  to
    Mayly> bonobo-print.h  and  bonobo-print-client.h while  compiling
    Mayly> the html-editor component

  Uhm, something is wrong with  your Bonobo setup.  Do you have Bonobo
0.15  or later?   Do you  have gnome-print  0.16 or  later?   Was your
gnome-print picked up correctly by Bonobo when configuring?


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