Re: [Evolution] wish-list (MS-Exchange support != MAPI support)


On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 03:20:21PM -0700, mario santana autodesk com wrote:


If someone here has Exchange, I would love if they could:

    1. Research what protocol Exchange uses to communicate with
           Outlook clients.

It appears to be "simple" MSRPC calls. MSRPC is a (surprise!)
bastardized DCE-RPC. The steps to re would be:

a) implement dce-rpc. There is at least one open
implementation out there, but it's not free. I don't know how
picky you guys are with licensing (I hope *very*) but maybe if
the exchange stuff were shipped separately... IANAL.

b) bastardize dce-rpc until the endpoint mapper works with
msrpc. This sounds like tedious work, including getting really
friendly with a good sniffer.

c) re the rpc's spewed by outlook and exchange. Someone with
MSVC++ libs, headers and docs could probably go a long way
down this road.

If it sounds like a large project, that's because it is.

Samba uses MS-RPC calls.  Maybe someone should have a talk with
Luke Leighton or some other Samba developers?

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