Re: [Evolution] Evolution ./configure

bonobo is a component model Evolution uses... and yes, you'll need to
have it.  You'll actually need version 0.15, not 0.10.
There's a list of all the packages you'll need to compile and run
Evolution (as well as download links so you can get them) on this page:

The way I did it was to make sure I was running the latest version of
Helix GNOME, 
including the development packages, then run autogen and make install,
and then 
ldconfig, for each of the following packages, in order:

bonobo 0.15
gtkhtml 0.4
gnome-vfs 0.4 
libunicode 0.4

then ./configure and make install  for evolution. 
(phew! It should get easier in the future, though, as we approach the
1.0 release)

Good luck, and don't hesitate to write back if you have more questions!

Aaron Weber
Helix Code, Inc.

Chad Gasaway wrote:

    I just ran into another problem while running ./configure for
Evolution. It seems that it can not find Bonobo 0.10. What is this and
where can I get it? Is there a way to get around this or is it a
requierment? Any help would be appreciated.


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