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no need to grab a header and no need to check for mime attachments

Without doing those, you don't know how to download things, 
and get into
scheduling messes.  

Huh?  Dont know how to download what?  You were talking about file
sizes before, LIST provides that ...  The header doesn't even provide

Sorry, uhm, that wasn't what I meant.  The header provides the important
information for the software, but not a lot of information that's useful to
the user.  MS would like it if the user never saw/knew anything about the
header, and this hides it WAY far away.  (don't do that, it's a pain in the

ok, so none of this can work for POP, doesn't matter there.  I'll have to
think about that one a bit more before I come back and say anything else
stupid, give me a while yet.  As for the concept, downloading the "message
body" via IMAP, and waiting on binary attachments seems like it might be a
nice way to do it.   Maybe not, I don't know.  Later,

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